Mental wellbeing

Here are some resources and organisations that can help you get and maintain good mental health…


Thank goodness for podcasts. We have learnt so much from listening to podcasts and for completely free, which makes them even better. We have learned so much from each of ... [continue] Podcasts

Book recommendations

Feel Better in Five by Rangan Chatterjee This is a book written by a practising GP who is also now a TV personality and produces a brilliant podcast called Feel Better, ... [continue] Book recommendations

Useful apps

Mindfulness/meditation apps Meditation is often mentioned when discussing improving mental health, but many people don’t know where to start with it. We have found that both the Headspace ( and ... [continue] Useful apps


Here is a list of the groups currently going on to support Cranbrook people with their mental health  

Useful contacts

Patients are able to self-refer to TalkWorks, an organisation that offers free CBT support to those suffering with their mental health. To find out more and self refer go to ... [continue] Useful contacts

Date published: 17th December, 2020
Date last updated: 16th February, 2022