How to register

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area.

Please click here to see our Practice Boundary before registering with the Practice.

We are using a new online service called Register with a GP surgery that makes it easy to register with us.

Just fill in this quick online form to start the process. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number.

The service is designed and run by the NHS, so your personal information is safe. It cuts our administrative workload and makes it easier for you to register.

Paper forms are still available from reception if you need one.

You will have a named, accountable doctor who is responsible for coordinating your care. You can still talk to, or make appointments, to see any of our doctors or nurses, not just your named GP.

We recommend that new patients undertake a health check with a practice nurse.

Non-English speakers

For the benefit of our non-English speaking patients, we use the Language Empire translation service. Reception can arrange this as required.

Temporary registration

If you are ill while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one you can receive emergency treatment from us for 14 days. You can be registered as a temporary patient for up to three months. This will allow you to be on our practice list whilst still remaining a patient of your permanent GP. We are not obliged to accept you as a temporary patient, but will always provide emergency treatment as and when required.

GP2GP Electronic record transfers

We keep a copy of your health record and in many practices this is now an electronic record. There are also paper records where letters, test results and hospital reports are kept together in a folder.

When you change from one GP practice to another, your health record has to be sent to your new GP practice. To get your records moved, your new GP practice would ask us to send your notes to them. We would then print out your electronic record and add it to your paper records before sending it all using a secure delivery service. This can take six weeks or more and there is a chance you would need to see your doctor before the notes arrived, especially if you needed a repeat prescription. Your new GP practice would then have to type all your details and your health record back into their computer system.

As most GPs have an electronic copy of your medial record it would be much easier, quicker and safer if they could transfer that information electronically to your new GP’s computer and that’s where GP2GP can help. GP2GP is the electronic transfer of your health records from one GP to another GP.

GP2GP improves your care as your new GP practice will have your health records available to them in time for your first consultation. As your doctor will have the details of your current treatment and medications, allergies and medical tests from the past you won’t have to remember or explain everything on your first visit.

Your paper records are still important and these will be sent to your new doctor by us but your treatment will not be delayed in the meantime.

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 16th November, 2023