We’re here for you despite Covid

Nurse Naomi in a visor

On Thursday 5th November England is entering into a second lockdown phase, in order to deal with the increasing numbers of Covid cases. You can read the latest guidelines here.

Although these guidelines raise a wide range of challenges for each of us, we at Cranbrook Medical Practice want you all to know that we are here to provide you with the medical care and support that you need at this time.

We take the needs of each and every one of our patients seriously. We would therefore like you to know we are still offering all our normal services, albeit in abnormal ways.

The services we offer

  • Remote access to our clinicians via Econsult, which can be accessed through our website
  • Covid-safe in-person appointments with GPs and nurses where necessary
  • A range of clinics including flu clinics
  • Following the success of this year’s flu clinics, from 5th Nov our nurses will give injections and perform certain non-invasive procedures at the door. This limits the number of patients entering the practice and the opening and closing of the door will circulate air to help prevent Covid transmission.
  • Our own dedicated Health & Wellbeing Coach with whom you can have remote appointments to help make long-term changes to your health
Staff member at Practice door wearing PPE
All staff great all patients wearing PPE

The measures we are taking to keep you and our staff safe

  • We are displaying an NHS Track and Trace QR code at the door for users of the NHS COVID-19 app to scan as they enter the practice
  • We have a sanitising station just inside the door
  • We have a one-way system in place inside the practice
  • All staff members have their temperature checked at the start of each workday
  • All staff members thoroughly wash and sanitise hands between patients and regularly throughout the day
  • All staff members greet patients at the door wearing PPE
  • Patients entering the building are asked to confirm that they do not have any Covid symptoms and have their temperature taken
  • Points of contact are sanitised between patients and staff members

Help us, help you    

There are a few things you can to help us, help you:
  • If you have any medical concerns please get in touch so that we can help you
  • Please attend your appointments
  • Please arrive at the correct time for your appointment. Coming early will cause a build-up of patients outside and therefore make it hard to socially distance. Please wait in your car if needed.
We welcome any comments and feedback that have, and thank you for your patience at this difficult time.
White board describing Covid symptoms
Everyone entering the building is asked if they have any Covid symptoms