Information about a range of conditions and disabilities


For support and information go to: The National Autism Society website The NHS website autism section For local support and information go to: Devon Link-Up Call 01392 468191 Email ... [continue] Autism


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High blood pressure

Here are a few links to help you find out what high blood pressure is and how to avoid it: NHS website | High blood pressure British Heart Foundation | ... [continue] High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Here are some links where you can find out what high cholesterol is and how to avoid it: NHS website | High cholesterol British Heart Foundation | High cholesterol ... [continue] High cholesterol


You can read about insomnia and ways to manage it at this page on the NHS website Dr Anna also highly recommends the book ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker

Sexual health

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Type 2 Diabetes

Find out more about what Type 2 Diabetes is, what causes it, symptoms of it and to find it how you can prevent or reverse it…

Date published: 3rd March, 2021
Date last updated: 3rd March, 2021