Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)

We are pleased to introduce you to Petrova Davies and Naomi Walter who are with us as Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs).

ANPs are educated at masters level in advanced practice and are assessed as competent in practice, using expert knowledge and skills. There is very little that ANPs are not allowed to do according to the law. They can assess a patient, make a diagnosis and provide treatment, just like a doctor. However they do this within a clearly defined scope of practice that is agreed with their employer, and the level of medical complexity that they deal with is usually less than that of a doctor. ANPs in primary care and the community are able to develop close, long-term relationships with their patients and work in partnership with them to help them achieve their optimum level of health.

Examples of these skills and competencies include, but are not limited to, the ability to:

– Undertake a comprehensive and sophisticated physical and/or mental health assessment of patients with complex multiple healthcare needs and/or in crisis.

– Interpret the results of multiple different assessments and investigations in order to make a diagnosis, and plan and deliver care.

– Confidently and competently make ethical, evidence based decisions and interventions when faced with complexity and assess and manage the risk associated with these decisions.

– Prescribe and work with individuals to manage their medicines.

– Work independently but also as part of a multi-disciplinary team and exercise values based leadership.

– Plan and provide skilled and competent care to meet a patient’s health and social care needs involving or referring on to other members of the healthcare team as appropriate.

Naomi is here on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday whilst Petrova will here on Thursday and Friday.